Monday, September 19, 2016

Inventor and/or Creator

It is interesting reflecting on the difference between say an inventor who creates new products: light bulbs, record player, camera bags, and a creator, who paints, writes, photographs. They are all creative, but are they all inventors?

Are they the same, see a need and try to solve it? I see myself as inventing a soft gadget bag for photographers, and shooting pictures for a photo assignment. As a photographer I was always trying to think up as many ways as possible to capture the scene. Change lenses, from the front, move to the side, look down, look up, be creative.

But cinematographer Joseph Walker invented the zoom lens to help him be more creative. At the Summer Olympics photographers were using remote cameras in creative ways.

It strikes me as interesting how many photographers have invented products from studio strobes to camera bags. I just published my story on how I invented a soft should bag for photographers who wanted something to work out of, not simply to store their gear.

Calling the book Branded Professional: By a Photographer for Photographers, it is an eBook. Everyone reads eBooks, right? Can be downloaded onto your smartphone, tablet or computer.

It starts with a need. Photographers knew they needed something, but how to make it? Home sewing machine didn't work, modifying a gas-mask bag didn't match photo gear. I was lucky to be at the right place at the right time when the Philadelphia Inquirer was willing to buy 22 bags. Industrial sewing shop was interested in sewing 25 bags, I thought I buy some extra bags to sell to friends.

Been reading Walker's 1984 autobiography, The Light on Her Face, and seeing all the products he invented. He solved a problem with fading out from a scene, finding a better way to sound proof noisy cameras, zoom lens, etc. It helped him be a better cameraman, and he was able license the ideas to manufactures.

The Inquirer went on strike and I just saw it as a part-time business.