Monday, February 1, 2016

Various traits make up being a photographer

Native American protest Bureau of Indian Affairs
Having met a lot of photographers at various trade shows, photographers stopping at the Domke Bag booth looking to meet their equipment needs. I occurs to me that photography is unique in the variety of photographers taking photos, compared to say painters or even writers. 

Youth tries being old, with aging body.
I see one type of photographer who is like the chief/cook preparing a meal. This could be the studio photographer or the still life photographer, who has an image form in their mind and then goes out to create it. This is also how in the film days you shot the photo, then developed it, maybe modified the developer, then had to make a print and like Eugene Smith and Ansel Adams manipulate the light to make the print. Ready to serve. 

Photography appeals to others who simply want to make the subject look good, portrait photographers are like beauticians. Recording how people want to look. Posed, lean forward to hide the saging skin under the chin, spot out wrinkles, etc. They are like the painter. Artists. 

I always thought of myself as a tour guide, as a journalist, guiding viewers at an event. Showing what was important and worth seeing. Looking for outstanding features that need to be notices.

It is interesting how the newspaper reporter realize how everyone forgets what they read yesterday, and are only interested in today's news. I always felt like a librarian who was recording events for future generations to use for research. Chronicle a moment and better understand life.

Hoping the images will motivate the viewer to action, I was very idealistic. In high school wondering what career to take I had considered becoming a pastor, a missionary. 

Photography is my way to reaching out and trying to guide people.