Monday, May 27, 2013

Is this worth putting on your wall?

 Going back to some old photos that I entered in photo contests. Taken as a staff photographer for the San Francisco Examiner, it no longer exists. So do I have ownership? They never saved the "weather picture" anyway.

Forty years later, is it ART?

Was in a Paris cafĂ© in 1972 and took photos of a little kid playing pinball. Before electronic games, he had to flip the levers and could barely see the steel ball.  The French are very strict on the right tpo privacy, but the law may not have been in effect when I took the photo.

A drill bit, is in ART? 

I seeing older colleagues call themselves artists. I've always looked at the publishing side. Get the photo in print. Never thought if myself as an artist. But the photos were taken to capture a moment and be a permanent record of the times.

Drill bit is just a pretty photo. I wonder if anyone collects Vietnam war protesters? Probably not, but then it might be interesting for history books and I need to upload them for stock, not art.