Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Along the California trail it's Beaux Arts along the Red River

In Cooke County Texas near the border between Oklahoma and Texas in the county seat of Gainsville, is their courthouse. Built in 1910 the Dallas architecture firm of Lang & Witchell built something simpler and more modern than the Victorian courthouses that flourished in the 1880's.

They designed a round window under the dome and in 1920 the citizens installed a clock for everyone to see as a memorial to WWI. But wait, you need to go inside, recently restored it has been returned to the way it looked when it was build over 100 years ago.

There is a stained glass skylight at the op of the open center of the courthouse. Flowers or are they palm trees? The interior is dark and cool, away from the hot Texas sunshine.

I think the interior is equal to the exterior as a landmark piece of Texas architecture, where the residents wanted had pride in where they lives. A marker outside claims that Gainsville was the early route to California for pioneers, before Rt 66 was built in Oklahoma.

A major route for the Santa Fe railroad it missed the oil boom that occurred in Wichita Falls. They were farmers and proud of it.

Architecture photos by Jim Domke -