Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Watching the show set-up, gets me to reflect on safety. . .

It was interesting, covering business in Texas has taken me to drilling pads where you need to wear a hard hat, steel toed boots, protective glasses and watch training video before getting to go to the drilling rig.

Setting up a multi-projector (8) to cover a wide curving screen involved taking safety into consideration. Setting up a hotel the main concern was fire and accidents from tripping over cables.

I was impressed with how the crew anticipated the risks and double checked to make sure everything met the fire code or even surpassed it. They explained how required steel clamps holding lights and projector to the rigging wasn't as safe as nylon! That under high heat the steel gets brittle, but new "nylon" asbestos core cables take the heat better.

They didn't have to be told, but straightened huge cables and put them under narrow risers to prevent the crew from tripping. There was a lot of attention to detail and I reflected on the energy industry, couldn't they avoid problems if they made the effort to think ahead.

I'm thinking of the accidents, where they had to dispose of salt water. Existing laws simply stated that it had to be taken to local water treatment plants which were not prepared for it. The law was simply for getting rid of flood water not dispose of frack water. Workers simply followed the rules and dumped in the local creek.

Why didn't companies spot the risk and avoid polluting the streams? Because it wasn't a law.

Seeing the crew make the effort to avoid accidents setting up for the presentation impressed me and made me think that the energy industry needs to make it the rule to avoid problems. Not just follow the state law, but know from experience the risk they are taking.

Putting on a multi-media show means making sure the show would go on, despite equipment failure, Multiple projectors added richer color, but also eliminated the risk of having the projector lamp fail.

Huge screens in front showed the speakers on stage what to say and what was happening behind them on the huge curved screen.

The projectors had to be in exact alignment with the screen all images line up and everything was in focus. Couldn't have happened in the old days, thanks to the computer they were able to blend everything together and are sharp from corner to corner.

As they finished I got to walk up close, standing behind the stage I was surround by images.

# # #

photos by Jim Domke
for Lakeshore  Audiovisual/Chicago