Monday, March 18, 2013

Big Shot from Alamo to Cowboy Stadium

Cowboy Stadium by JG Domke
They were hoping to set the Guinness Book of Records with over 20,000 people standing around the Cowboys Stadium. largest indoor stadium in the world, located between Dallas and Ft Worth, Texas.

With articles appearing in newspapers and on television, the Rochester Institute of  Technology say they need people to sign-in by Monday, March 18th at

Hoping for thousands to come with flashlights or using the flash on a camera, RIT's School of Photographic Arts and Science will hold their annual "paint with light" on Saturday ! (March 23 at 7:30 p.m.)!

Early sign-up helps RIT's assign and organize groups to spread out to light the entire stadium. I wonder how they will light the dome with everyone standing in the parking lot? Or will this be a team effort in cooperation with light from the moon?

This started over 25 years ago as a student exercise to master flash, inspired by a publicity campaign by the flashbulb maker Sylvania to come up with an original image using the flashbulb. But this reminds me of an exercise I did at the University of Missouri J-School where we photographed the brightly illuminated "columns" with the administration building in the background. 

The assignment called for taking one exposure and developing the 4x5 sheet film normally, which just showed the columns, then develop another sheet using a water bath to let the developer bring out shadow detail. What do you know? There, in the background, was Jesse Hall. You could see it, where there was nothing but black darkness before. Amazing.

So I wonder with everyone pointing their FLASHLIGHT at Cowboy Stadium is it the light really doing anything, or the way they expose and process the image? I sort of see this as publicity for RIT and with only light  from flashes in the parking lot it isn't going to light the roof.

Where we used the water bath during the development of film, I wonder if they are using film or is this digital? If it is digital I'm guessing they can take several exposures at different exposures and then weave them together. What they call High Definition! This way we'll see all of the stadium!

What's the flashlight adding to the photo? Is the goal to get a great photo, or simply to have something in the foreground?

Still I'm looking forward to shining my light and help make it a great photo. See you there!