Thursday, February 7, 2013

Joy of being a newsphotographer

Paper was almost hit by a tornado, what a day!
For many newsphotographers, what they like most about the job was going to big events, getting that front row seat covering a world series game, or historic event. (Like a tornado?)

But for me, my favorite day was a Saturday covering a basketball tournament and getting a call to fill-in (cover his assignments too). Stressful? Not for me. It was great and I even managed to stumble across some "weather art."

I had just starting taking pictures at the high school tournament when the pager went off. Normally I'd have stayed several hours shooting action and different teams. But now I just had 15 minutes and had to go with whatever I had.

The next assignment was opening of a senior center  where they were giving area residents lunch. The place was packed and I managed what I thought was a nice shot of everyone sitting on folding chair outside, no table, eating.

Leaving the senior center I drove through a parkway where they had a man-made pond with a fountain in the middle. But what caught my eye was two guys on a raft, sitting in lawn chairs fishing. It was a funny picture and captured what a nice day it was for fishing. (Had to shout out to them and get their names. Not sure they caught anything.)

Those photos stick in my head, I didn't save any clips, however, and remember covering a art exhibit opening and also some other kids event. The next day, five photos ran in the paper.

 It was a great day, the one I remember most as a newsphotographer.